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Sportamix is a unique global sports networking platform that offers the opportunity to make valuable connections in the sports world. With a Sportamix profile, people who participate in sports can simply and conveniently discover and interact with one another.

Looking to showcase yourself to others in the sports industry? Our platform connects athletes, coaches, parents, recruiters, and the like. It is our mission to make opportunities accessible to anyone who is interested in advancing in sports.

Whether playing sports is your hobby or your career goal, Sportamix can help you make the most of your presence in the sports world.



Equal Athletic Opportunity

Every athlete deserves a shot at their dream, regardless of their age, race, social status, or geographical location. No matter the challenges, no matter the burdens, no matter the doubts, no limitation should leave an aspiring athlete outside the confines of their goals. Anyone with the strength and willpower to participate in athletics should be granted the resources they need to consistently grow and improve toward their athletic aspirations.

Relationships and Communication Matter

Each relationship we create has the power to shift the direction of our lives. It is up to us to make use of the tools we have available to create valuable connections in the world around us. The relationships we make can determine the path to our goals, so putting a conscious effort into sharing our most valued ambitions with others will allow us to create connections with people that can support us in reaching our goals.

Passion Pays Off

True life joy stems from passion. It creates drive and builds the characteristics necessary to succeed, and to do it with a smile. Most people spend one third of their life at work, so we must make an effort to put more time into the things we’re most passionate about. Passion helps you beat the buzzer; it helps you get the record; it lifts you up and carries you over the pole. When you’re passionate about what you do, you will not allow yourself to fail.